50 Miles in the Desert

Dark, cold, windy start

Lines of headlamps guide the way

Nervous laughter heard.


Climb and crawl, don’t fall

Focus on the headlamp beam

Switchbacks on slickrock.


Wide, sandy plateau

Running straight into the wind

Sun starting to rise.


Antelope Canyon

Racers slowing down in awe

Ancient spirits here.


Water, wind, and sand

Echos through the canyon walls

Carving waves in time.


Walls turning tightly

Moving deeper in shadow

At once, wide open.


Run, climb, sand for miles

Wind dies down, sun brightly shines

Almost halfway done.


Sand turns to slickrock

Expansive sky meets the earth

Horseshoe Bend ahead.


Far below, water

Dark river flows without sound

Racers stop to pose.


Follow pink ribbons

Ripples of rock continue

Try not to fall down.


Water Hole Canyon

Down a ladder to enter

Smooth walls, warm brown hues.


Sun, sand, miles to go

Switchbacks on a sandy hill

Straight up a sandy hill.


Page Rim Trail at last

Stunning views of Lake Powell

Keep running, though tired.


Straight down sandy hill

One more mile to go, but sand!

Finish line ahead.


Through the chute I run

Strong legs, stronger spirit

Elation fills me.