Packing for race day

When I first started training for this 100 mile race I am about to do, I pretty much only thought about the miles on my feet. Well, now that it’s a few days away and I am trying to get all my crap together, and I am overwhelmed! I had not thought too much about the logistics of planning for all the gels and food stuff I will need until this week. It’s a lot.

Gels, nut butters, food bars, etc

This doesn’t include extra socks, jacket and warm clothes for the night, headlamps and batteries, all the note cards for my drop bags to help me remember to eat my food and charge my watch, etc.

Zion 100 is a looped course. There are only a couple of spots that repeat, so for the most part, I will not be on the same trail for nearly 100 miles. That’s exciting, but logistically it takes a lot of planning. Aid stations vary from 4 miles to 9 miles apart, and a couple only have water, so it’s important to make sure I am carrying what I need as it could be a long time between spots I can where I can refuel. Derreck has helped me sort out bags and divide my food up. He also will be able to see me at mile 26, 52, 70 and 80. He has always been such a huge help to me and sacrifices his time and sleep so I can run around in the desert.

The other pile of stuff.

I am super excited that my son is going to pace me for the last 20 miles. I’m sure he doesn’t know what he’s getting himself into. I hope he falls in love with the world of ultra running. But this might turn him off forever. I don’t even know what to expect. What state will my mind and body be in after I have already been moving for many many hours? I have read lots of race recaps and listened to dozens of podcasts on hundred mile races. Some people cry, some are delirious, some hallucinate, some sleepwalk. There’s just no way to predict how I will be affected. His job is to keep me eating and moving forward. I hope we can both look back on this time with happiness and laughter.

Author: arunneraftergodsownheart

Christian Runner, overcoming depression one step at a time.

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