Countdown to Zion

As of this writing I have 9 days, 10 hours and 4 minutes until race day. My training is basically done. Just a few short runs between now and then will allow my body the rest it needs so that I will be refreshed and ready to run the race of my dreams. I have imagined what the course might be like; how might I feel at different spots in the race? Where might I be when it’s dark? How long I will spend in the pain cave? Will I have the physical and mental strength to complete this goal?

My emotions are all over the place. One minute I feel calm and ready, strong and resolute, confident. I then have a swing in the opposite direction and think I haven’t put in enough training, I am not strong enough, what the hell was I thinking and there’s no way I can finish.

I am not sure why the draw of long distance running for me. It certainly calls me. I enjoy the solitude of hours alone in God’s creation. I take in the beauty in the simple. A colorful leaf, the sound of water flowing below, massive rock structures that tower above, the purest blue sky- all fill my mind with wonder and praise for it is a glimpse of God’s glory for me.

I look forward to time on my feet, traveling in the most simple way to cover a great distance and see with my own eyes the beauty in the landscape. I eagerly await meeting like minded people, chasing after a goal that both scares us and yet burns a fire in us to complete it. I am ready to face the pain with tenacity.

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I have run enough ultras to know there are many highs and lows in a race. This distance is unknown to me, but the pattern will be the same. I just need to get through the lows. And God willing, I will!!

I am so extremely grateful to everyone who donated to my fundraising page to help end Lupus. It means so much to me to have the support of so many friends and family. There is still time to give your tax deductible donation if you feel so inclined. I am praising God I have been healthy for most of my training with only minor flare ups. I know how fortunate I am right now to be in such a good place with this disease. I hope to stay this way for a long time but the truth is there are no guarantees. So I will make the best of whatever situation I am in and will do all I can to keep moving forward.

Next post will be all about Zion 100!!

Author: arunneraftergodsownheart

Christian Runner, overcoming depression one step at a time.

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